Your Magical Mind – Are You Using It?

Goddess of Starsby Dianne Collins
Creator of QuantumThink®

What if… meditation isn’t just a spiritual or relaxation practice but a natural faculty of your own mind that you are well advised to use regularly? What if… the ability of your mind to “travel” anywhere in space and time isn’t just a serendipity that delights you with an amazing connection but is an inherent power that you can develop? What if… the ability of energy to be converted into various states is not just a fact of science but an important human dynamic we are here to master?

When there is something in life you really, really want, we say, If you put your mind to it you can do it. What does it really mean to “put your mind to something?”

I like to think of us as kindred spirits here to remind each other of what we already “know” at some level of our being. In that sense I am here now to activate remembrance of the natural powers of your magical mind. Traditional education has not yet begun to teach us about the inherent faculties of our own mind and how to use them. Then let’s contemplate together what I distinguish as the 5 Natural Faculties of Mind and their dynamic principles – powers of mind that supply us with the ability to awaken, to choose, to create, and master our experiences and outcomes in life.

“All is mind.” –Buddha

The Buddha declared, the yogic sage Patanjali taught, and leading quantum scientists today agree: All is mind. “Mind” in this sense doesn’t mean the cognitive, rational mind nor does mind equate to the brain. (Consider the brain as the transmitter-receiver of mind.) Mind means consciousness – the fundamental field of awareness that connects us as one. Some people associate the mind with the intellect, but we are using it in this broader way as the individualized form of the all-pervasive consciousness.

The mind as consciousness encompasses whatever you are aware of in a given moment in spacetime, including your intent, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and bodily sensations. All this is experienced by the mind. You may ask, What about the heart? Cutting edge brain researchers consider the physical heart the fifth part of our brain as it contains 60% neurons, the same type of cells that make up our brain. In wisdom traditions the spiritual heart is considered to be the seat of the mind. In a very real sense, your mind is your life because it is through mind that you are related to everything in this dazzling, exquisite universe.

Let’s have a meditative visualization to experience this.

Imagine that you are floating. All of us are floating in a giant “invisible” field and the field is intelligent. It is a field of energy and infinite potential. Paradoxically, the field is both within us and outside us, surrounding us. We are in constant relationship and interaction with this field. It is a field of mind. We can consciously connect with this field of universal intelligence by learning to regularly call upon the life force of our 5 Natural Faculties of Mind and their corresponding dynamic principles.

5 Natural Faculties of Mind

5 Natural Faculties of Mind - Dianne Collins - QuantumThink

Power of Observation, its dynamic is Intent
The 1st faculty of Observation means we are creating our experience of life according to what we bring to our Observations. Intent is the dynamic we use to create.

Quantum physicists say we live in an Observer-created Reality. Observation is not merely “looking” at something. Observation means to hold something in awareness – in consciousness in a way that you make it real. Observation is a creative act of consciousness activated by the dynamic of Intent.

There is no absolute way that reality is. Reality lies in waiting as waves of probability until we “choose” one of the possibilities with our Intent.

(Note: in QuantumThink® we make an important distinction between Intent and Intention – Intention being a course of action leading to an “end goal” – and Intent being an activation of the energy-intelligent conscious field, a quality of being that attracts many results that are consistent with the specific Intent.)

Our power of Observation is awesome because it means that what we see and experience is dependent upon what we as human Observers bring to our Observation.

Observation as a faculty is a unique action of consciousness placing focus and attention and Intent through thought. There is a significant difference between thinking as an act of consciousness and merely having automatic thoughts that flood the mind. Thinking as a conscious act includes a consciously generated Intent. When you become aware of something or someone with a particular Intent, you give yourself a new experience. This experience becomes your reality.

How do we use the faculty of Observation? The way you think about your life partner is an act of Observation. You experience your partner based on the judgments, thoughts, and intent you have about him or her. Even though a person “appears to be” a particular way, it is truly what we bring to our Observation that gives us our experience of them. If you notice you are bringing a limited judgment to your Observation of your partner, in that moment you can create a new Intent and watch the magic happen as your relationship takes on a harmonious direction.

For example, suppose you have a habit of saying to your partner that he/she doesn’t listen to you. As long as you hold that judgment in your field of awareness, the physics of mind will more than likely bring about that experience. Not to mention, your connection with your partner may seem a bit distant. So what to do?

You can catch yourself in that judgment, realize from a quantum perspective that your judgment is not “the truth” – and right there and then create the Intent that “I love that our communication gets deeper and more harmonious all the time.” It isn’t that this statement of Intent is “the truth” either; the idea is you are creating a context that you are choosing to live from in the form of Intent. And this activation of the relational field will bring about results that match your new context.

Power of Nonlocation, its dynamic is Intuition


The 2nd faculty of Nonlocation means our mind can “go” anywhere instantly across spacetime to send or receive information. Intuition is the dynamic we use to “tune in” to universal intelligence.

This might sound a bit strange – that we have a faculty of “Nonlocation.” What does it mean? One of the most important discoveries of science today is that we have a “nonlocal” mind. “Nonlocal” means that our mind is not local to our body, and in fact our mind is not “located” anywhere because the mind doesn’t have that kind spatial or temporal quality the way ordinary objects do. Since the mind is not limited in space or in time, we are able to both send and receive information “at a distance.” Every time you have a quantum occurrence like when you’re thinking about a friend you haven’t spoken with for a while and the next minute the phone rings and it’s their voice, this is the faculty of Nonlocation in action.

Post - Intuition Gives You Access to Magic of LifeIntuition is the dynamic that enables us to tap into Nonlocation. Intuition is the apprehension of something without prior knowledge or physical access. Take your Intuition to a higher octave by using it consciously in a disciplined way on a regular basis. You might have an Intuition to take a different route on your way home. Listen to that prompting. When you are shopping for a particular item you can save time by tuning in and “knowing” exactly which store to go to. You may be pointed to a particular aisle in the store, or to which link to click on in the Google search online.


Power of Transmutation, its dynamic is Energy

The 3rd faculty of Transmutation means we can transform and uplift our experience. Energy is the dynamic that can be converted into various states.
To Transmute means to change something from one state into another, especially from a lower or denser state into a higher or more refined state. Since we are energetic beings and since Energy is convertible, we can use the power of Transmutation to convert human energy states, especially of the emotions.

Suppose anger arises. The “anger Energy” is there. What will we do with it? We can use the faculty of Transmutation to take the anger into a higher form such as converting it to compassion. When you become adept with the faculty of Transmutation, you tune into energy, particularly subtle energy. It can be the energy of emotion, a place, an idea you have for a new project, or a group of people you want to connect with.

There may be old ideas or thoughts you have about yourself that don’t feel energetically correct for who you consider yourself to be now. You can Transmute this Energy. You can take it to a higher state. You do this simply by using your Intent, directing the Energy with focus.

 Power of Meditation, its dynamic is Awareness

 The 4th faculty of Meditation means we can live as the watcher and the doer simultaneously and thereby be continuously refreshed by universal source. Awareness is the dynamic that enables us to be centered, awakened and at choice.

The faculty of Meditation enables us to instantly access present-moment Awareness. It is only in this state that we have authentic choice because we free ourselves of limited conditioning. Meditation strengthens its own dynamic, Awareness.

Meditation is not a new word for us. Formal meditation may be a regular practice for many of you. Yet, Meditation with its dynamic, Awareness, like anything else can be used consciously even when you are not in a sitting Meditation. When you become Aware of your movements, your words, your Intent, you can call this a walking-talking, living Meditation.

When you sit for formal meditation, generally the idea is to still the flood of automatic thoughts in the mind, not by forcing them, but simply by watching them. At some point in the Meditative state, the thought waves cease, or at least become so far in the background, that you experience the mystical silence within – a connection with the state we call consciousness or Awareness. In that state we experience well being. It is a restful state. It is a state that rejuvenates. It is a state that connects us in the field of all fields, the field of our source. So you are not just sitting there isolated in some state of bliss (though pretty good in and of itself!); you are in direct contact with life force. This is why it is so important to relate to Meditation not only as a spiritual practice but as something the spiritual aspect of us requires for well being, just as the physical aspect of us requires proper food and rest.


 Power of Manifestation, its dynamic is Resonance

 The 5th faculty of Manifestation means we attract what we vibrate and emanate out into the world. Resonance is the dynamic that determines what manifests for us due to its attraction force within fields of energy and intelligence.

 When we are “in tune” and something “comes together” for us we say it has Manifested harmoniously. When we Resonate with something we are coherently connected to it. Everything is vibrating in this universe of energy. Modern scientific String Theory proposes that the fundamental units of reality are not particles but tiny vibrating looped strings like on an infinitesimal violin. The strings are similar except they vibrate at different frequencies.

 An interesting thing about Resonance is that you can literally feel it in your body. You can experience it and you can sense it. You meet someone new and you feel an immediate connection. You say you Resonated with her/him. From that Resonant connection something wonderful unfolds. If you don’t connect, that is there is no Resonance, quite possibly nothing much Manifests from that relationship.

You can use the faculty of Manifestation to consciously generate Resonances with people, places, things—even with your computer or cell phone.

Let me give you a very down to earth example. You are throwing a party. As soon as you decide to have the party, you begin generating the Resonant field around it. The invitation you send out begins to condition the field. Our friend invited us recently to his wife’s 30th birthday party. First he called to say we could expect an invitation to a fabulous party. Then the invitation arrived in the mail and it was beautiful, designed with iridescent colors and sparkly things decorating it. The invitation told you to come dressed for a magical evening. He is conditioning the field all the way by this communication. You can imagine the evening would be beautiful, well planned, idyllic, magical – and it was! Conditioning the Resonant field not only Manifested our friend’s Intent; it had all the guests co-creating the Resonance with him.

When you become finely attuned to the 5 Natural Faculties of Mind you go beyond space, time, and matter to the realm of Infinite Possibility to discover again that your very own mind is magical, that you are a sculptor of reality, and that consciousness is your clay. Practice with Intent. Remember and honor your magical mind.   When you master your mind, you master your life.


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