Why do we need new thinking? Let me count the ways …

All you have to do is read the headlines on any major news page and you can understand why the first question I am asked by radio and TV show hosts is, “Dianne, please can you tell our listeners why we need new thinking.”

So I thought I would share with you (below) one short excerpt from my book that truly “says it all”: Turn your world inside-out, upside-down, and backwards…it just might work.

The excerpt is from the chapter where I distinguish the characteristics of the “old world view” thinking we have all been under the influence of, relics from the Industrial Age, and how those misguided assumptions play out in our society — and the “new world view,” the more accurate and up-to-date characteristics of our Quantum Age. You discover the central role of “mind” as it relates to everything – yes everything – we read about in the media everyday. The great news is when you update you bring your thinking system up-to-date, you literally change the world–your own and the one we share. As I love to say, “When you master your mind–you master your life.”

ENJOY THIS EXCERPT from Chapter 4 Realities: World views and you, Page 23 of Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World by Dianne Collins

“Turn your world inside-out, upside-down, and backwards…
it just might work.

When you begin to think in whole systems and witness the interconnectedness and

interrelatedness of everything, you literally get a new lease on life.

As you think, so you become. For years it was only underground. Now scientists

are beginning to concur. The ill health situation is reaching proportions that

demand it. When you are at the effect of negative habits of thinking, it affects your

health, the economy, and industry.

Contemplate this vicious cycle.

Lacking mastery with your own habits of thinking, fear may arise. Fear of loss (of

job, of health, of lifestyle, of partner, of life) generates an automatic reaction to hold

back spending (of self expression, of energy, of money, of love, of joy), which results

in lower demands for goods and services, which means decreased profits and less

investing, which means securities markets plummet.

Bear markets lead to wide-scale layoffs and fewer job opportunities, which

generates more fear (due to lack of mastery over one’s mind and thinking), leading

to emotional stress which can result in increased ill health, which means mounting

medical costs that fewer people can afford, leading to overcrowded clinical facilities,

which leads to inferior quality health care, contributing to more stress, now

in health practitioners as well as in patients. More stress means more illness, and

the whole cycle perpetuates itself to no good end. Add to that the proliferation of

drugs to treat and/or suppress the symptoms arising from these illnesses, with their

accompanying litany of “side effects” (that read like your worst nightmare), rather

than dealing with the problem at the source, which would enable not only a cure,

but prevention. And the beat goes on.

It turns out that what you think is not just “interesting” or even important; what

you think is vital, that is, necessary to the continuation of life.”

[end of excerpt, Chapter 4 Realities: World views and you, Do You QuantumThink? by Dianne Collins]

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