Who is the authority in your life?

Who is the authority in your life?

Okay, this is a trick question. Obviously, you are. As you contemplate what is explored in QuantumThink, you look to see how it works in your life. This is a trip,a virtual voyage through thinking. The purpose of it is to see what it can make possible beyond what we already know, to open up vistas for all of us. Though we may reference “authorities” in different fields, clearly you are the final word in your own life. Or are you? The trick is to see where, up until now, you really have not been the authority in your own life, even though you have assumed you have been.

Where have you not been the authority? Wherever there has been a lack of awareness, an automatic nature to things, mechanical, unthinking reactions which have not given you what you wanted. Wherever there has been a lack of distinction. Perhaps you have not in those moments known, in the deft words of the legendary sage, Vasistha, “The world is as you see it.”

Every time we say something with authority as if we know “this is how it is” we are shaping our reality, crystallizing it. The way you see something in every instance is entirely up to you. When you see someone as stupid, you are creating him or her that way. When you see a person as brilliant, you are creating him or her that way. This is so simple. Yet, it is the most profound awareness we can live.

This realization is echoed by science. It’s called “the observer effect.” Reality as we see it is shaped by our own Observation. In fact, nothing exists for us until we Observe it. This truth has been experienced by great beings. You and I can be great beings. We can experience ourselves as the Observers in our Observer-created Reality. We can be the authority in our own life.

This is the opening statement of Part 2, Chapter 2 Observer-created Reality -- the core distinction in the QuantumThink system of new distinctionsin thinking, excerpted from the book, Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World by Dianne Collins

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