Where You Headin’ — Heaven or Armageddon? From Either/Or to Both/And

Is the world in general on the road to Armageddon or on a stairway to Heaven? More important, where are you on the issue?

Living from a Both/And frame of mind might be the most liberating practice you can master. If you stay in an Either/Or frame you can get very distressed—quickly! Because if you think there are only two options—the proverbial glass half empty or glass half full—you are keeping yourself stifled. You are certainly not seeing the whole picture. To QuantumThink is to be in the practice of remaining in the Perspective of All Perspectives. How does this play out in daily life? Let’s take a “big” issue today: Is the world in general on the road to Armageddon or on a stairway to Heaven? More important, where are you on the issue?

Let’s look the glass again. In one perspective the glass is half, on the way to being full. How do we know that? We don’t. We are creating that. This is how we choose to hold it in consciousness—as our Intent. Intent is not an end goal; it is a vibrational state. Said another way in everyday language, a state of mind.

Since all of life is created from and persists as a vibrational state, as people who are choosing to “Both” know the quantum principles “And” live them consciously, we realize we can generate and retain the state that “things are getting better.” This is not wishful thinking nor is it foolhardy or naïve Pollyanna-ism. This is the physics of mind.

The other day I was with a friend who, despite her heart’s intentions (read: end goal) and “hope” for the best—she basically holds a “we’re doomed” belief, or at least holds it as a fear. From a QuantumThink perspective we would say she is holding this in her vibrational state as an “unaware” and unwanted Intent. Why does she hold it this way? we could ask. Well, from a quantum world view “all possibilities” we may never be able to know the answer in any absolute, definitive way as to why she holds “we’re doomed,” however we can conjecture that she is looking into circumstances and focusing on media information that spins most things negatively. ( A most obvious Least-action Pathway** of contemporary media.)

Since what you focus on expands  — then this literally is the reality she is living in. What is this doing to her emotional-mental state, and ultimately the kind of circumstances she attracts into her life, from the people she surrounds herself with, to her habitual thoughts (our thoughts are “circumstances,” too) ?

Now to a Both/And … we’re not denying the political-social unrest and crumbling of institutions in the world, and people’s fear and trepidation about the uncertainty of the future. We’re focusing on another perspective–a time of transition when outdated systems and structures in some sense have to “crumble” and fade away for their newly re-structured and more effective design to emerge. We’re focused on what’s actually working, on it’s way to the glass being full. So is the glass half empty or half full? Both/And is the answer. We’re BOTH in a time of de-construction AND in a time of re-construction. We’re BOTH in a time of an evolutionary leap for humankind that we can clearly see AND we know there is more to unfold that we may have little or no clue as to how it’s all going to work out. We’re in the knowing that we BOTH need to think in a new way AND take actions to build and co-create AND realize there is a greater Intelligence that is also at play. Mastery is Both a state And a practice.

So dear friends, is it Heaven or Armageddon? In a Both/And world it’s BOTH … AND we can hold the Intent for something beyond the “Either” of them–a new state of mind for humanity that reflects in the outer world something greater and more promising than we can even imagine, a good beyond the classic Either/Or of “good and evil”. In fact, in my mind …It’s all good.

“To live in Both/And is to live in accordance with your essential nature.”   – Page 226 Do You QuantumThink?

**  A “Least-action Pathway” is the habitual way the energy or thought goes simply because it’s been that route before; an established pattern in the thought-osphere of any individual or culture.

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