To Live Your Purpose -Tune In to the Energies of the Time by Dianne Collins

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To Live Your Purpose – Tune In to the Energies of the Time

by Dianne Collins

Welcome dear Friends!
I want to share with you a message that is becoming more and more relevant every day as we quicken the pace of our awakening humanity.

We talk about wanting to keep our vibration high.
In the refined energy and elevated consciousness frequencies.
Connected in the state of our Higher Self.

This keeps us in good spirits.
It maintains a sense of peace.
It clarifies our field so conscious creating is more effective.

It’s a sublime Intent – keeping our vibration high.

There are many access points to maintaining the highest vibrational state.

One of the most self-sustaining ways to keep our vibration high is being in the experiencethat we are Living our Purpose.In fact, Living Your Purpose is perhaps the Ultimate High –

because it is your unique expression of the Divine.

Living Your Purpose is a spiritual practice.

Contemplate that for a moment –

Living Your Purpose is a spiritual practice.

In Sanskrit there is a word, dharma.

It translates as “right duty” – also “righteous duty.”

In the highest sense we are here to realize our Divine nature

through our state of consciousness and also

through what we do in worldly life throughout our life.

We are each a precious drop in the ocean of consciousness.

There is no ocean without these precious drops.

The ocean wouldn’t be the same.

Without you, this world wouldn’t be the same.

Why not think of yourself in this Divine light?

Every person on this planet desires to make a difference.

What does it mean “to make a difference”?

Is there a reason for my being here?

And the answer is yes – yes –  yes – yes!!!

Yes, there is.

Accept that fact – that you do have a purpose here.

That who you are matters.

To know that your presence in the world –
the very fact of you being born,
your being here has a legacy – an imprint on humanity and the progression of life.

You are making a difference in a positive way that benefits the legacy of life.

Isn’t that what we mean by “making a difference”?

Another way of saying this is that we each want to experience meaning and purpose.

What is my purpose?

What am I here to do?

When you discover specifically what your purpose is –

there is joy in living that is yours forever when you wake up every day.

As you distinguish your Purpose,

regardless of circumstances and whatever is going on for you and in the world at large – your purpose is there.

Your purpose is with you.

Your purpose is here for you to express.

You know you make a difference simply by being here!

That level of deep understanding and boundless joy in knowing this –

This keeps our vibrational state high and refined.

As you master living your Purpose,
you strengthen your connection, your understanding, your command,
and your pure joy in the experience of living the magnificence that is you.

Then what does it really mean to “live your Purpose”?

Is it a sacred duty?
A soul’s journey?
An intuitive imperative?
A sense of your destined role in worldly life?
How about “all of the above”?

In the Esoteric dimension, Mastering Your Purpose is tantamount to the important journey of the soul.

The talents and gifts and conditions and circumstances you are born into are

all for the benefit of the conscious evolution of your soul.

Another key word in the ancient Sanskrit language is Karma.

Karma has many interpretations.

You can think of karma as the outcome of your choices and actions.

Learning how to deal with karmiccircumstances –

the manner and awareness with which you deal with them effectively –

this is a major aspect of what evolves your soul.

It’s one thing to know you havea Purpose.

It’s another thing to want to liveyour Purpose.

It’s another thing to be clear about what your Purpose is.

And it’s still another thing to actually MasterLiving Your Purpose.

How do we master living our Purpose?

There are so many clues that make Mastering Your Purpose easy …

In a sense, you cannot not express your Purpose.

Can you be anything else than who you came here to express?

There is the famous story of the king who wants to become an initiate of a guru and reach enlightenment– his Divine purpose. And he thinks he has to give up his material possessions and his kingdom to reach enlightenment, so he does give them up.

In these stories this is called a renunciant. You renounce all possessions that hold you back from your Divine destiny.

So this king gives up everything and dwells in the forest.

Pretty soon, some passers by see him, and they say, “oh king, you have nothing to eat,” – and they bring him food.

Then others see him and say, “oh king you need something to sit on” – and they bring him a throne,

and this goes on and on until he ends up being a king all over again.

This was his karma. This was his Purpose and his destiny.

He could not “not” be king.   Even if he tried!

And he misunderstood what it meant to be a renunciant –

It was not to give up what is yours to have. It was to be non-attached to what you have.

Your Purpose guides your actions – without having to push or force or be attached.
The guidance of Infinite Intelligence is impeccable.

Whatever you are granted – is to support you in living a Dharmic life, a righteous existence.

Mastery of Living One’s Purpose is a topic I am personally passionate about!
I suppose because when I figured this out for myself, how my Purpose was being expressed, and how it all unfolded ingeniously over time – without my having to manipulate it or force it – my life became that much richer.
And I want that for you and everyone.

The question is:

Does your purpose have a purpose?

That’s not double talk, dear friend.

We’re asking this question so you can see that your Purpose is integral to the whole of life and it’s Divine unfolding –

especially as it relates to this time that you were born into –

and what is going on in this time.

It is important to Tune In to the Energies of the Time.

Let’s tune in now to 5 of the specific Energetic trends that are the overarching Energies of The Time in this age.

We are in a time:

of Restructuring
of Expressing ourselves in a new way– a new identity of sorts.
of Choosing to live our passion– to do what we truly love to do.
of Higher consciousness– and new thinking that establishes ourselves in the state of the Higher Self.
of Humanity Unifyingbeyond our differences – to serve one another and the whole of life.

 Individually, your Purpose is an expression of the talents and gifts and experiences and perspectives that you have been born with and that you have cultivated – that characterize who you uniquely are. This includes your quirks and idiosyncrasies.

And — your unique purpose is connected to and shaped by the context of the era you have been born into –the time you are living in now in your current incarnation.

Why is it so important to read The Energies of the Time?
Because when we look from the larger perspective, we can move forward with confidence, conviction, and wisdom. That’s why.

You and I are not separate from our environment.

We are not separate from the energy cycles and the way energetic trends manifest as societal patterns of the time we’re born into and live through.

However – on another point, from the quantum world view we realize … that there is no absolutely fixed reality.
We know that reality is context-dependent.

Your fate and the destiny of civilization is not absolutely determined. We have choice.

When you look in the world now, at the beginning of the 21stCentury, it is pretty obvious that the speed of invention in this digital age – is quite literally transforming the foundational structure of our society.

Self-driving cars, virtual reality, artificial intelligence – the new entertainment networks, and the way traditional industries are realizing they have to re-think, re-invent, and re-structure their basic business models. The changes are so mind boggling that it can be a bit scary for many people.

Those are the obvious outer world physical changes.

Then there are the all-important, inner transformations that we are being called upon to bring forth now – as agents of change, beings of light, holders of the highest Divine vibrations.

We can take command of our awareness and master our ability to deal with all of it – especially as we master our ability to Tune In to The Energies of the Time.

We can view the next expression of our unique Purpose in light of specific energetic trends.

There are two aspects of this.
First, there are the specific qualities and characteristics of the cycles themselvesas they are trending now.
The second aspect is honing your ability to Tune In.
That is, your sensitivity, your ability to “read” the energy cycles at any time.

When you understand what is going on in the larger Cosmic perspective,
then the changes you see in ordinary daily life actually make sense.

Because when we shift the field – consciously – then we don’t have to worry or hope for a miracle.
We become the miracles!

This comes back to you and me.

What influence can we have?

 In today’s business marketplace one of the latest buzzwords

is being an “influencer.”

 You become a key influencer by Mastering living Your Purpose.

 Think about being an influencer in a consciousness-based way.

Then everyone we come into direct contact with – and everyone we indirectly connect with as well – is influenced by our state.

Perhaps more than ever – in our modern era, mastering living your Purpose is truly needed for the world to work.

A lot of people wonder, when they witness distressing things going on the world, what can have this shift?

Can anything really change for humanity as a whole to go to a higher more righteous way of being?

I’ve been asked this question many times.

May I offer you my thoughts on this.
For the kind of shift we all want to see in the world, it will take a higher qualityof consciousness.

It is worth saying this again …One way of activating a higher quality of consciousness is for each one of us to Master Living Our Purpose.

This brings a state of happiness into the field.

The wisdom masters say – Everything we do, we do for the experience of happiness.


How does one establish oneself in the state of happiness? It is knowing that your essence and your own state is enough.

Mastering Living Your Purpose is a great source of happiness.

This aim for the experience of happiness is neither superficial nor is it self-centered.

Happiness is good for your spirit.

Happiness is good for your well being.

Happiness is good for those people closest to you –

your loved ones and everyday colleagues.

It’s true. Your own state of happiness good for the world.

Your state is what you contribute all the time, 24-7.

One of the greatest sources of happiness is to live in the experience

of your Purpose.

Master Living Your Purpose.

Just the sound of that – it’s powerful. It’s reassuring.

In case you are still wondering – whether you have a Purpose, I am here to say, definitively, yes!

Life is always in flux and evolving. Every moment is fresh and literally new.

And every era is new, too.

That is why it is essential for us to pay attention to the energies of the time.

Otherwise, you may be struggling against the strong currents that are the subtle yet guiding forces – the specific tones of the Time.

When you Tune Into The Energies of The Times, you literally “go with the flow” of energetic currents.

And do you know what happens when you do “go with the flow”?
These Energies support you in every way.


Now Let’s again Tune In now to The Energies of The Time.

 The big question to ask yourself as we Tune In to the Energies of the Time is:

 Where do you fit in?

 Because you are here now, in this day and age, and place. This is the context in which your individual life and journey is happening. It’s wise to see yourself in the bigger picture.

We are in a time of rapid change, monumental change.
As the process of our evolutionary cycle unfolds,

what are the driving forces of its directions?

Whether you think that the stimulating forces of evolution are the planetary energy shifts and the quickening of light frequencies, the free will of the people, the actions of business leaders and politicians, or the Divine will of Source Creator –

perhaps all of the above.

The fact is – there are Energetic trends –and these energies have specific qualities.

These Energetic trends steer the direction and coax our attention toward them.

Like the allure of an intoxicating fragrance, these Energies are irresistible.


Depending upon when you are listening to this message, the energetic trends may vary.

This universe is cyclical. Cycles of energetic trends are not black and white with sharply defined edges.

They overlap and change gradually.

However, there are trends that linger – they spread out like waves of energy over swaths of time –

and blend into one another.

Longer term cycles and short-term cycles affect one another and act together in synergy.

We’re familiar with climate trends.

Spring is part of a cycle of seasons – that is the cycle of renewal, of new growth. The energetic pull of the season affects us.

We start to do Spring-cleaning. Clearing the old to make way for the new growth, the new generation.


I like to study planetary cycles. I have been doing that for most of my life.

I find it fascinating to discern what we can learn from metaphysical systems and how they work together –

and especially how they play out in practical ways.

Metaphysical knowledge provides a blueprint for our soul’s journey.
It shows us our tendencies, our talents, our gifts.

Then it is up to us to exercise our free will. What shall we develop?
What shall we act upon to make our Purpose come alive?

Planets are the biggest indicator of cycles.
Astronomers can track the cycles of planets with great mathematical precision.
We are made of the same stuff of the stars.

Perhaps that is why we can easily tune in to the energy of stars and planets!

Due to our “old world view” conditioning from the past Industrial Age –to see things as fixed and unchanging, it is possible that many times we can be unattentive to cycles.

We can see the moon so we’re more attentive to it.
We know the moon affects the tides and the fluids in our bodies.
The moon affects earthquakes.

 Moon cycles are most common, because they occur frequently. The moon enters a new energy cycle every 2 ½ days.

If you attune yourself, you can use the energy in the appropriate way. For example, when the moon is in Pisces, you might feel more pensive, and wanting to stay inward and intuitive. On another day when the moon is in Aries, you feel like jumping into action. On still another day, when the moon is in Virgo – you may feel like getting organized and making sure everything is in right order in your life.

We’re in a very special time now in the course of human evolution.
By all appearances this modern age is UNPRECEDENTED.

It is variously referred to as – The Great Shift. The Time of Ascension to Higher Consciousness.

In ordinary society, this era is referred to as The Great Disruption. The Digital Age.

Both practically and metaphysically, we are in The Quantum Age.

We are focused on two aspects of energetic attuning. The specific Energies of This particular time, and also, increasing our sensitivity – our ability to tune in.

Cycles play out in practical, ordinary ways. What about the cycle of our ideas, or our projects, or our environments, or the clothes we wear, the sports we actively engage in?

You can have a cycle in golf or tennis. The energetic trends of cycles keep us progressing forward. When you peak out or get into a slump, maybe it is just because you have to go to your next level.

The amplitude wave is going to get higher. Amplitude means the power of a signal.

If we learn to live in a reality whose essential nature is cycles of change, with evolution driving it, then all of a sudden,
our entire experience of life can transform.

We become adept at using energies and influences. We move on when a cycle has ended. We rejuvenate and regenerate when it is time.

And we can do that because we are attuned, literally tuned in. Awake to our changing times.

It’s important to keep in mind, in our quantum world, in our Observer-created Reality – you and I are the key players in how these patterns play out — through our own choices.

Each of us is an integral aspect of the reality we experience. What can this mean for us in terms of the cycles of life?
Right now in the whole world, trying to hang on to the way things used to be is futile, hopeless a waste of time and energy really.

The fundamental cycle is the birth-life-death-renewal cycle.
Watch to see what is fading away, what is up for renewal.

Some things are falling away completely and some things just needs to be revived in a new way, consciously.

We have entered a new cycle – a cycle that is the shift of the ages.

We’re in the Age of Aquarius. The time of humanity transcending the great divides.
Uniting together to serve one another for a peaceful, harmonious Earth.

We know in one sense, it looks like anything but that!

 This, the most overarching cycle – the Age of Aquarius – is a time when we are each being called upon to be in Service to humanity. That’s why living your Purpose is such a compelling force now.

The essence of the other Energetic trends guide us:
New Identity
Higher Consciousness

Let’s talk about one of the longer cycles – Restructuring.
It doesn’t take a special talent or genius to see that our systems and structures as we have known them in modern times have reached their limit of effectiveness.

If you recognize that Restructuringis the order of the day, you realize that in some sense, it no longer an option – but a necessity, and probably an inevitability.

We can understand this easily from a QuantumThink perspective. The old societal institutions were born in the Industrial Age of linear thinking, the emphasis on the physical where we appear separate and different, the comparisons of Either/Or thinking.

Now we are here to build institutions that are based in holistic thinking – from the way we grow and manufacture food – to the way we design our educational curricula – to the way we see our own lives.

This is an important awareness because what is no longer effective has to break down or dissolve in some way – to make room for the new to emerge.

So as you look in the world, and this has been occurring for quite some time – everything that isn’t working well anymore is being exposed –from the banking system and money markets to legislative bodies, the media, trade relations and political structures.

The chaos reveals where we need to make the necessary corrections and changes to get our foundations secure, sustainable, and successful.

This universe functions from a self-organizing principle. The chaos that arises from the restructuring process morphs into a new state of harmony.

Contemplate this for yourself.
What needs restructuring in your life?
As above so below.

It’s time for us to restructure, leaving behind what simply isn’t working.
We can begin by asking ourselves, in these changing times what restructuring is inevitablein our life?
It can be in your business, in your health, in your relationships, in your home, in your lifestyle – in your thinking!

Restructuring doesn’t mean throwing everything out that you have built and developed. On the contrary … it means using what you have to new advantage. It means thinking in new ways, and organizing around making things better.

Whether it’s outdated business structures, relationships, or attitudes that don’t sync with who you are now.

 Seeing what needs to happen now – to allow for the “new you” to emerge.

Which leads us to the 3rdEnergetic trend of the Time … New Identity.

 What this means is it’s time for a new expression of yourself – in some way.
This makes sense – that if you are restructuring an area of your life, you would emerge in a new way.

And the “new” you is really the authentic you!

As you restructure, you strip away what you’re no longer resonating with.

What are the Energies of The Time telling us about Living Our Purpose now?

 In times of great change and upheavals in societal norms – we often pause to step back and reflect:

What do I really want now?
What do I truly value now?

And as you emerge as the person you desire to be, how you wish to be known by others?

Authenticity is the attribute of our era! Authenticity in expressing who you are. Being true to yourself. And that is so freeing, and so comforting.

It leads to the 4thEnergetic trend – Passion.
This is so logical. In order to express the true you, it includes doing what you are Passion about! Living your Passion is the soulmate partner of Living Your Purpose!

What are you called to do now?
What do you love to do?
What are you doing when you are the happiest?

You can create your Intent to live your passion – for the rest of you life.


Which leads us to the 5thEnergetic trend – Consciousness.

We are well aware that it’s the time of higher consciousness – transcending limited conclusions and artificial boundaries.
Awakening our thinking so we are literally at choice. Living the great virtues. In command of our magical mind, as we join together in a solution-based world of harmony, health, wealth and happiness for all.

Humanity Uniting
New Identity
Higher Consciousness

It’s important to see how these specific energies work together. They are all interconnected. They fit together.
It’s important to see how you fit in.

You can hold it this way in your consciousness, and it has an effect.  YOU have a beneficial effect.

Your Purpose is part of the miraculousness of this unprecedented changing time.

Remember this. Your Purpose doesn’t have to be solving one of the world’s big problems. It doesn’t have to be a grand cause. It is simply the experience of knowing who you are uniquely, why you incarnated at this moment in the unfolding of time.

We each want to feel appreciated, wanted, valued.
When you realize you have a purpose, you are here to live that purpose, and that you can Master Living Your Purpose –your life adventure is a magical mystery tour of all the ways your purpose unfolds.

Then, it’s a WOW!

As always, it is my great, great pleasure to be with you! <>

© 2018 Dianne Collins