The most endangered species – Thinking

You see, everyone has thoughts–and they mistake those for “thinking.” Thoughts just arrive, unsummoned, and pass through your mind. They’re in the atmosphere surrounding us (AKA the resonant field). You didn’t even choose probably 99% of the thoughts you have. They just show up, uninvited. Thinking on the other hand is deliberate, active, willful and at least somewhat aware–though not necessarily “awakened.”

You look at a situation and you say, “let’s think about this.” However, if automatic thoughts are getting confused with your attempt to think–there really is no thinking, not really. Well, there is certainly not Awakened Thinking. What is “Awakened Thinking”? Thinking that is free of all bias, prejudice, conditioned automatic reactions, belief systems, political party lines, and dogmatic, automatic intellectual ideas that are outdated “knowledge.”

Why do we need Awakened Thinking? That’s easy. Just read the daily “news” headlines. Does it boggle your mind that the United States Congress has such difficulty creating viable solutions to the debt ceiling and related economic problems, in ways that can serve and work well for everyone? I cannot say it boggles my mind. I do find it frustrating. However, when you see how the “old world view” has conditioned an Either/Or reality, you can certainly understand and even have compassion for how there is an “appearance” of thinking–but no real Awakened Thinking. When you see this you begin to see the absolute necessity to not only “save” or preserve our most endangered species–thinking–you see the necessity to take it to a new place–Awakened Thinking. That is what this blog is all about. Would love your comments.

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