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A personal message to you from Dianne Collins…  
Author of Do You QuantumThink?   New Thinking That Will Rock Your World

 “It is my honor and pleasure to give you the gift of these audios that I know can literally alter your life forever in the best of ways. It is my way of being with you personally … also, to introduce you to my partner in life and in business, QuantumThink master coach, Alan Collins … and to let you know how much I appreciate connecting with you to think in a new way for ourselves and our world through QuantumThink.”

PS   I am also including a pdf of one of my favorite chapters from my book Do You QuantumThink? Enjoy!

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QuantumThink AudioCoach
Thinking for A New World 

with Dianne Collins and Alan Collins presenting


In this Introduction to the QuantumThink® system of thinking, you will learn the distinction between “old world view” thinking conditioned by the Industrial Age of times past, and “new world view” thinking that QuantumThink teaches, so we think in sync with the wisdom of the time.

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Audio Introduction to QuantumThink
28 minutes


We know as a “concept” that the principle of unity and wholeness is a universal principle operating throughout nature and within you and me, and that everything and all of life is interconnected and interrelated. Yet, how do we live these principles in everyday activities, to create soundness and integrity in our way of life? Listen and it becomes natural.

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Audio Distinction 1: Holistic and Holographic


One of the most important principles of our quantum age is the discovery of “the observer effect.” In essence what it means is you and I are shaping our reality and our experience of life, according to what we bring to our “observations”—what we hold in our awareness and the meanings we bring to every situation. The great news is when we become aware of this distinction “Observer-created Reality” and learn how the dynamic of creation—the power of Intent works—we break free of predictable outcomes and can masterfully create what we truly desire.

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Audio Distinction 2: Observer-Created Reality

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 From Dianne Collins’ groundbreaking book,
6-time award-winning bestseller 

Do You QuantumThink?

New Thinking That Will Rock Your World


In a world moving at light speed, becoming adept with the use of our Intuitive faculty is vital for living with ease and grace. In this enlightening QuantumThink distinction, Dianne Collins takes your relationship with your Intuition to a whole new level of mastery as she presents a fascinating look at using Intuition consciously as a discipline in Chapter 11 “Intuition and Nonlocality.”


Quantum shifts are real and yes, they are possible.
They’re inevitable when you QuantumThink …

“This book should be required reading for all literate human beings.”
– Roy Black, attorney and Network TV Commentator

“If I were allowed to bring only one book on a desert island for a year, I would choose Do You QuantumThink?”
– Marion Culhane, Social Entrepreneur, Nutrition Educator, Top Leader within Mannatech

“…for those looking for a spiritual message with a new twist, this is the book.”
– Publishers Weekly

“There are very few originals in life—Dianne Collins is one of them.”
– Frankie Boyer, award-winning talk show host, The Frankie Boyer Show


Dianne Collins is known for her exuberant and uplifting style and the ability to take complex subjects and make them understandable, accessible and beneficial to everyone.

In Do You QuantumThink? Dianne puts it all together to make sense of our dramatically changing times, the merging of ageless universal spiritual wisdom and cutting edge quantum principles—in the context of pop culture and daily life—from inner peace to business to world affairs.

She presents a clear, comprehensive, compelling look at the opportunity we as a humanity have before us in this unprecedented time of an evolutionary leap unlike any we have known – when what must evolve now is human consciousness itself. You will be riveted and inspired, comforted and entertained by this dynamic opportunity to step comfortably into our special place in the world, personally and collectively.
Read a wonderful review from an ardent listener/reader …

5.0 out of 5 stars QuantumThink is ‘How to Live in the Zone’, my favorite audio book in 40 years!November 11, 2013″There are many good books by good authors available, however my time is valuable and I wanted a fantastic book light years ahead of other books so I can experience the best in life. I found out that Dianne is a multiple award winning author with over 100 interviews with people in the know in the self-improvement frontier. Upon many hours of studying about Dianne Collins I also learnt that she had spent decades studying leading edge material to create her masterpiece breakthrough thought system book and practicing and perfecting this audio program.

“I found QuantumThink Audio Coach to be fantastic, exciting, and brilliant as it puts together thousands of years of the best in wisdom, proven science, quantum physics and more. It is a unified system of practical and effective principles and practices for the mind and awareness. A new blueprint for the optimum way to think, where your brain, thinking and awareness is your best friend and brings you your desired results. QuantumThink helps You Master your Mind and Master your Life. The elite in life prepare themselves for success and practice successful techniques and even have daily coaching. QuantumThink helps you do that.”   – Richard Besner