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 For a clear explanation of what QuantumThinking is and what it makes possible, you will love listening to this radio show with Daniel Davis interviewing Dianne Collins on Beyond 50 Radio. Click this link to listen

Dianne Collins interviews Daymond John, founder of FUBU clothing empire and co-star of ABC-TV’s reality show Shark Tank, as Moderator-Host of Inspired In Miami Award

The author’s alma mater, the University of Miami, honored her with a special book signing and lecture hosted by the UM Alumni Association.













Dr. Fred Alan Wolf







Dianne Collins was guest Co-Host interviewing popular quantum physicist,
Dr. Fred Alan Wolf along 

Dianne Collins


Philip Mereton

Radio Host, Philip Mereton on his mind-expanding show, “Conversations Beyond Science and Religion.” Listen to their fascinating exploration of “What Quantum Theory Tells Us About the World”




Dianne Collins on Good Morning Florida Keys WEYW19 TV
with Host, Jenna Stauffer

Dianne Collins on Cutting Edge Consciousness
with Hosts Barnet Bain and Freeman Michaels

Dianne Collins Interviewed by Tera Maxwell
for Top 20 Conscious Entrepreneurs Award 2014
“Creating Tipping Points Naturally Through QuantumThinking”

Dianne Collins on Radio 3Fourteen with Lana Lokteff

VIDEO – What People Are Saying
“The Hottest Fashion-Forward is Thinking-Forward”

Mitchell Rabin Interviews Dianne Collins on A Better World Radio


Dianne Collins on The Hundredth Monkey Radio Show

 Dianne Collins on the Dr. Emmett Miller Show – The New Paradigm for Successful Living

 Dianne Collins on Spiritual Lens Show with Rev. Patricia Brooks

Healthy You! Radio » Dianne Collins

 Dianne Collins on The Dr. Pat Show and the Jenn Royster Show

“Essential Quantum Principles for a Life of Joy”
Dianne Collins on I AM U Radio

“Are We in the Midst of A Thought Revolution”
Dianne Collins on Conversations Beyond Science and Religion
with host, Philip Mereton

“This Week in America”
Dianne Collins with host, Ric Bratton

“QuantumThinking – Let’s Retrain Our Old Way of Thinking”
Dianne Collins on Elide Beltram Show

Dianne Collins on “David Essel Live”
Host: David Essel
XM 168 Satellite Radio

Dianne Collins on “Unlimited Realities”   Blogtalk Radio
Host:  Lisa Zimmer

Dianne Collins on Jiggy Jaguar Show
with host, James “Jiggy” Lowe

Dianne Collins on “Conscious Talk Radio”
Host: Brenda Michaels

Dianne Collins on “Full Power Living”  – San Francisco Bay Area
Host: Ilene Dillon

Dianne Collins on “Conversations of the Quantum Age”
Host:  Marlene Fern Caldes

Dianne Collins on “Mind Matters Radio”   KKNW  1150 AM
Host: Ajayan      Alternative Talk Radio

Dianne Collins on “In the Spirit”   Public Radio WRPI 91.5FM
Host: Gary Goldberg

Dianne Collins on Transitions Radio   98.1 KBAC, Santa Fe, NM
Host: Alan Hutner

Dianne Collins on Energy Stew with Host, Peter Roth

Dianne Collins on “What Are You Waiting For?”
Host: Kristen Moeller

Dianne Collins on Smart Women Talk Radio
Host: Katana Abbott and Vicky Trabosh

Dianne Collins on “Energy Stew”   Progressive Talk Radio   from New York City
Host: Peter Roth

Dianne Collins on Positive Business WPRV-AM790   Rhode Island
Host: Patricia Raskin

Dianne Collins on “Living Happy Everyday”      LA Talk Radio
Host: Dr. Larsharnda Beckwith

Dianne Collins on “Conversations with Michael Stone”  KVMR 89.5 FM
Host: Michael Stone   Nevada City, CA