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Dianne Collins


How did you come to develop this revolutionary new way of thinking that you call QuantumThink?

I’ve always been one of the young mavericks who looks at the world,
sees the absurdities, and wants to make things better. At 15 I realized I was living in a world where people willfully manufactured weapons to deliberately kill other people and that everyone seemed to think this was all okay – I thought – there has to be another way of creating this world. I studied everything from physics to metaphysics. My dream was to create a TV series that entertained and enlightened as you watch. Then my husband who is a masterful coach needed a structure to work with people. I applied my own insights along with science and spiritual wisdom and created programs we presented in business and to the public and they worked. I wasn’t just showing people “how-to” think and live from a more expansive and more accurate view of reality – through my work they actually lived it. In 1997 I trademarked the name QuantumThink®.



What are the essential principles of QuantumThinking?

The essential principle is that life is creative and we’re the ones creating it all the time according to our intent and our habits of thinking. Some say “Thinking creates reality” is new age hokum however it is scientific fact and is taught by great spiritual traditions. Until you understand how our own minds work to create our outcomes in life – you really have little command over anything. If thinking creates reality, the next question is: What creates your thinking? That’s where QuantumThink comes in. The critical principle is that our thinking is not “free” but is conditioned by the world view, what we believe to be true about reality. We’re in a quantum age, yet our thinking is a relic of 17th century science, proved to be largely inaccurate. When you QuantumThink you think from accurate and current principles like multidimensionality, holism, and energy. You learn to master your mind. When you master your mind, you master your life.

You emphasize we need to move from old world thinking to the new world. Please explain what old world thinking is.

Old world thinking is shaped by a limited 17th century world view that gave us the Industrial Age – the world as machine. It’s a mechanical world and in many ways we have become automatic and mechanical too – in our beliefs, in the way we approach problems, and in our relationships. The old world view doesn’t understand the relationship between mind and matter because it declared only “matter” as real. The world as matter “tells” us objects are solid, we are separate, time moves in one direction, and we have to manage results through cause and effect physical actions. Circumstances are fixed – “the way it is” and there’s not much you can do about it. It’s trained us to see differences as antagonisms in an “either/or” world: liberal or conservative, black or white, right or wrong, your way or mine.

Fortunately, that is not the way nature actually is. We live in a universe of multi-dimensions, energy in flux, interconnected whole systems – a malleable world where mind is the creative factor. QuantumThink puts you in sync with these natural laws so you’re more effective.

So, what’s new world thinking?

New world view thinking is based in the quantum view of reality – a holistic, multidimensional model of the universe as energy-in-flux – unpredictable, uncertain, nonmaterial at its source and therefore, quite malleable – able to be shaped and shifted according to the Intent of the conscious observer, meaning us. It means you know you are the one shaping your experience – of your relationships, of the way you view the world, of what you are capable of accomplishing. It means Living Fully Dimensionally – knowledgeable about energy, spirit, mind, and universal laws and how they work to produce the physical. It’s knowing the power of Intent and the practical use of Intuition. It’s being able to think from Infinite Possibility. QuantumThinking means getting hip to an expanded and more accurate view of reality so it works in your everyday life.

How have you seen people change dramatically after having been initiated into the teachings of QuantumThinking?

The biggest thing that happens for everyone is time seems to slow down and they get peaceful, centered, focused no matter how much activity they have going on in their business and personal lives. Things happen naturally without pushing and forcing. People accomplish what they always wanted to but could never see how. Teenagers talk to their parents in deeper conversations than “yes-no-fine” monosyllables. Kids put on their pajamas and go to bed without being asked. Marriages on the edge come together, and relationships end that needed to years ago. People regain their sense of self, confidence, and personal power. Fear and doubt may arise but they’re not run by those things because they know the power of their own Intent.

In business people think beyond either/or options. Corporate politics and power plays vanish. People respect and honor what each one uniquely brings. It’s a whole different reality and business results soar.
How do we go from seeing things as either/or to both/and?

The first thing is to be aware of the fundamentals of a quantum reality – there are no absolutes. Just because you have a thought or you did something a certain way last time doesn’t make it “the truth.” Life is multidimensional. Life is infinite possibility. Life is energy in flux – always moving and changing – and we are the ones shaping it according to the way we observe it. The second thing is to become aware of and catch yourself in the automatic either/or mechanisms in the moment they happen – pause – and realize you are not stuck with either/or options. Both/And comes from the fact that energy is both a particle and a wave – and it is both at the same time. Even when things appear “contradictory” on the surface, they both have validity and others do as well. When the either/or mechanism shows up, ask yourself in that very moment: What else is possible?
Do many of us fail to live consciously? Why?

None of us like to think we aren’t living consciously – in fact most of us are convinced that we do. Yet until you are aware of all the ways you habitually think about things, automatically do things, instantly react to things, you really aren’t in a state of what we consider to be true “choice.” We’ve all been influenced by a mechanical world view. Think of a machine. Once you set it up to work it just runs automatically. There is no conscious awareness necessary – unless something goes wrong, that is. When things go wrong – when someone becomes ill, when a natural disaster hits, when injustice is inflicted – that’s when people are forced by the circumstances to wake up and we start living a little bit more consciously. But after the alarm goes off we fall back to sleep. However, we can wake up deliberately, proactively on our own. It’s time now.


You emphasize we exist in an observer-created reality. But if we each experience life differently, are we living in a world of many realities?

A great sage says “We each live in our own world according to our own concepts.” This is one of the great paradoxes of life – we each experience life in our own individual way and at the same time we live in and share a collective mind that keeps in place the outer events and institutions we agree upon called consensus reality. Your experience of the outer world of circumstances – your husband, your teacher, your friend, the USA president – is created by what you individually bring to your Observation, and your intent shapes the collective future of how it will go. Since form follows thought, as more individuals learn to use natural principles of creating and begin to master their own minds, the collective world we share will take a quantum leap in quality of life for all.

What do you mean when you say we live in a world of infinite possibility?

Quantum scientists say that in every moment there are an infinite number of possible ways life may take form. It seems odd to say it but everything exists as a “cloud of possibility” that becomes real only when a conscious Observer chooses one of the possibilities. Reality exists as a kind of waiting to happen until you or I “observe” one of the possible realities into actuality. Nothing is fixed; everything is energy in constant flux. This is a creative, live-substance universe and you and I have been granted the privilege of being co-creators. We narrow this world of infinite possibility into probabilities according to our chosen intents. This knowledge has practical applicability on a personal level – with how you view your own partner or child, and it has profound usefulness on a worldly level – with issues of ending hunger and poverty or with keeping the Earth’s systems in balance. We’re not stuck with things as they are. We created this reality and with awareness we can literally co-create new and more workable realities.

How is context everything when it comes to how we live our life?

Context is a framework, a perspective, even a belief system. Context shapes reality. If you go to work thinking you’re going to have a lousy day, you most certainly will. The laws of physics will make sure you do. “Resonance” means you will attract what you are vibrating. This isn’t bebop or la-la language. It’s physics. That we live in an Observer-created Reality means reality is always consistent with the context we bring. We have clichés for this in our culture – the glass half-empty/half-full idea. When you QuantumThink you realize you can invent new contexts. It’s not a matter of either/or – empty or full. You can invent the glass brimming over from an endless reservoir. Contexts are neither true nor false. They are created perspectives that you choose to live from to shape life as you desire.

If you see a girl in a bikini on a beach, you might admire her beauty – but if you see a girl in a bikini sitting at the conference table in your office, you are going to react a lot differently. The fact is the same – girl in bikini. There is nothing absolute about it. Context gives meaning. A simple example, but it will help you remember the message: Context is everything.
You emphasize we need to wake up and expose ourselves to the truth that life can be very different than what we’ve assigned it to be. This could be amazingly empowering but also very frightening to some, right?

We know from science that reality is not fixed and set in stone. It’s an Observer-created Reality and we are the observers creating our own experience all the time. It’s empowering because we get to choose. It could be as you say “frightening” for some because you get to choose and that means you are responsible for what shows up. You can no longer blame circumstances for your lot in life. Even new world view biologists are showing that you can’t even blame your genes because your DNA is being influenced by the way you think and your cells react to that. In life we are either creating consciously or we are in some kind of response to what has already been created for us. Which one would you prefer? The brighter, enlivening view is when you QuantumThink you learn to create quite naturally and you love and are turned on by exploring all the possibilities.

How does QuantumThinking help one’s relationship?

Relationships are not based in fixed traits of two individuals as the old world view would have us think; relationships are based in the way we decide to see one another, the way we hold one another in our mind. This can shift and transform any time we choose. It’s “the Observer effect” in action. Further, because we exist in “fields” together, we are interconnected through the field. My intent for our relationship and for you literally affects you and vice versa. When you QuantumThink you become aware of your judgments in the moment they occur and right there you realize that your judgments are not the “absolute truth.” You start listening to that person as though you are there to discover them freshly in that very moment rather than through the concept you’ve already concluded about them. They experience that depth of listening. Your relationship takes on a whole new quality. You can’t change a person because nature doesn’t work that way. However, you can definitely influence the way a person will be with you, based on your intent.

How about his or her professional life?

Professional success is largely based in the way we communicate and relate to others. When you QuantumThink you heighten your awareness and you go beyond whatever automatic limits you have had about yourself that you were living within unknowingly. This opens you to “infinite possibility thinking.” You are more “present” so you’re listening like you’ve never done before and others experience you that way. You hear things – ideas and solutions that you couldn’t even notice before when you did things more mechanically. You become profoundly connected to your own unique talents and you find yourself naturally in action fulfilling what you truly desire. Your confidence grows. Realizing that every person has unique qualities and talents to contribute you begin relating to people from that perspective. People experience being valued. You operate from the power of Intent. Leadership gets elevated. Things get accomplished in unforeseen ways.


And their health?

Health is interesting because it’s everyone’s number one priority and yet we have little education of how much our thinking and state of mind affect our cells and therefore, our health, moment by moment. When you QuantumThink you achieve a heightened state of awareness that in and of itself is a more relaxed and peaceful state – and everyone knows that tranquility is good for your health.

On a practical level, when you begin to make more conscious choices, the way you deal with your health issues opens up. Instead of automatically going for the conventional treatment, when you open your mind to multi-dimensionality, to the energetic and spiritual dimensions of life, for example, as having very real effects, you might seek other less intrusive and more effective ways of improving your health.
Do we not think fully dimensionally, encompassing the heart, soul, intellect, body, spirit? Or do we tend to think and act within limited systems?

We’ve been oriented around one dimension – the physical. So we really haven’t been Living Fully Dimensionally as we say in QuantumThink. Einstein proved with his famous e=mc2 that what we think of as matter is in fact energy but the general public doesn’t understand the implications. If we were thinking and Living Fully Dimensionally schools would teach children how to work with their own energy and teach ancient spiritual methods of mastering the mind. Science would investigate the nature of consciousness de rigueur, and doctors would be trained to heal with energy frequencies instead of chemicals and cutting.

Thinking in one dimension has kept us locked us into a basically rational-conceptual mode of reality that disconnects us from our heart’s intelligence. Think about it. If people are in touch with their heart, do you really think they could produce weapons to kill one another? It may sound far fetched but it isn’t – not in the least. The daily news is sufficient proof that we need to start Living Fully Dimensionally.
What is the power of Intent and how can we each embrace it?

Intent is the active dynamic of creation for human beings. Intent is not a goal like one would use “intention;” it is more like an activating force that directs and focuses energy to attract outcomes consistent with the Intent. Out of the world of Infinite Possibility you are setting in motion actions and energy dynamics consistent with your Intent. Intent is a universal dynamic that is always playing out, but in many cases it is an Intent that we didn’t choose. Most of the time we aren’t aware of our Intent because we haven’t learned to ask ourselves the question: What is my Intent here? When you QuantumThink you use the power of Intent consciously.

To embrace Intent you need to be awake and aware of any automatic conclusions or judgments you have made about a person or a situation, just notice them, realize they are not “the truth,” and then create an Intent that serves the highest good for all.

Is our world limited by time and space or is there a way to see beyond these factors?

Anyone who uses the Internet or even anyone who has watched TV or listened to the radio realizes that our world already functions outside the limits of ordinary space (physicality) and time. Yet we don’t acknowledge this fact in our society and therefore we’re still trying to manage our lives on an old world time clock in compartments and trying to pin everything down. The net effect of this is that we are overwhelmed – by the speed of change, by the increasing amount of activities and choices, by the unfathomable uncertainty occurring daily. We are living in a quantum age – yet our thinking lags behind.

The important question is: How do we think effectively for such a world? When you QuantumThink you are focused and aware in the present moment and you transcend anxiety that comes from worry about the past or fear about the future. You can function in time and yet think beyond time and learn to use inherent creative faculties that don’t depend on your physical presence for getting things done. It’s quite liberating.

You say the act of listening is a dimension of being rather than a skill. How so?

Listening is a dimension of being because it has to do with being related. Specifically, real listening is being fully present for the other person. You can develop the skill of hearing the words and even repeating them back and you might still not be “there” and the other person experiences that. We tend to think of communication as the passing of information back and forth. However, authentic communication goes beyond the words. It is a spiritual and an energetic connection. It is literally being present. When you are present to them, they are present to themselves and they can actually hear what they’re saying without having to fight through a web of judgment or distraction that goes on in the so-called listener. “Listening with your whole being” as we call it in QuantumThink creates a quality of relationship that will blow your mind.

You refer to something as the “non-local mind.” What is that?

One of the most important discoveries in science today is that our mind is nonlocal. Nonlocal means the mind is not “located” in our brain or in our body because the mind is nonmaterial. Mind doesn’t have a spatial quality like an ordinary object. Since the mind is not located anywhere in space and time, it means it can be anywhere in space and time. We’re not used to thinking this way and it sounds way out, yet there is ample documentation published in respected science journals that prove this again and again.

What does this mean for us that we have a nonlocal mind? It means we can both send and receive information at a distance from us. What we call a “coincidence” – when you’re thinking of someone and they phone you in that instant – that so-called coincidence is actually a natural faculty of nonlocal mind that we can learn to use. It’s extremely useful!

There seems to be a paradox here. You ask us to see a new world yet we live in an old world, so how do we make this quantum leap?

You cannot see a new world view from the perspective of old world principles. You cannot fit an infinite possibility universe into a more limited one. So…what to do? It requires a literal quantum leap in consciousness. We do this all the time – every time your mind “jumps” from one experience to another. Only now we take this leap consciously.
Once you have the realization there is a whole other set of principles that we could be living from, rather than looking at them from your current perspective, you take the leap and you look from them. It’s like living on a remote island and trying to figure out how to live in New York City. You have to go to the big apple and experience it from there.

That’s what QuantumThink is for. Once you realize your thinking is conditioned from a mostly erroneous, backward view of the nature of reality and how things work, you can make the choice. You learn the expanded more accurate principles. You don’t trade in the old world view for the new world view. You simply learn to distinguish them and you become more effective with all of it. You take the leap and then it takes practice. The paradox of mastery is that it’s a practice.
© 2012 Dianne Collins


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