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“Dianne Collins is a maverick with heart.”
Host of Mantz & Mitchell

“Dianne Collins keeps audiences riveted.”
Host of Dresser After Dark

The only way
to a better future
is new thinking.
Do You?


Dianne Collins

Original Thinker

Media Personality


Creator of QuantumThink®

Leading Authority in “New World View” Thinking

The Voice of The New Mainstream


Author of the
8-time award-winning bestseller
Do You QuantumThink?

New Thinking That Will Rock Your World

Have you thought about it?

  • How is it our political and social problems never seem to get solved?
  • We’re in a Quantum Age using Industrial Age thinking—and it’s not working.
  • Dianne Collins shows us how to think in a new way about everything in our world from business to politics to relationships to peace of mind—
    by taking a virtual quantum leap beyond old limits and outdated ideas.


1 Union Square West Suite 909

New York City, NY 10003


“This book should be required reading for all literate human beings.”
— ROY BLACK, Attorney and Network TV Legal Commentator”

2017 Hollywood Book Festival Awards
            Winner:  How To
Honorable Mention:  Spiritual
2013 Global Ebook Awards
          Gold Medal for Classical Studies/Philosophy
Gold Medal for Nonfiction New Age
Silver Medal for Nonfiction Self-Help
2013 Eric Hoffer Awards: Honorable Mention, Spiritual
2012 eLit Awards: Silver Medal for Self-Help
2012 Global Ebook Awards: Winner of New Age Non-Fiction

New thinking.

Not just an innovative or clever idea.
It’s an entirely different basis for thinking.

We all know it’s time to think in a new way. But how do we do that?
Dianne Collins shows us the way.

Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World by Dianne Collins

is more than a great book—

it’s an essential body of knowledge being revealed at the perfect time.


A new basis for our thinking means:

    • Different assumptions, beliefs and ideas about the way things work
    • Realizing how our minds create experience, actions, and results
    • Moving beyond the “either/or” limits that keep us stuck in divisiveness
    • Thinking effectively in sync with the pace and uncertainty of changing times
    • Taking the leap from the industrial age to the quantum age in the way we see life


Dianne Collins sees the world in a different way.

It’s the definitive system of new thinking that has been revealed in
Do You QuantumThink? and it’s being hailed as the missing link for our changing times.

Now you, your listeners, viewers and readers can have the ultimate paradigm shift that affects personal, professional and global areas of your life. From politics to prosperity to peace of mind, QuantumThink is transforming, optimistic, and life-enhancing!

Dianne Collins Interview Topics


  • The New Mainstream – Who are they and what do they want? [See Dianne’s blogpost on this topic on The Huffington Post, gone viral:  “There’s A New Mainstream Out There — and You’re Probably Part of It” 
  • You Don’t Know How to Think for Our Modern World – why you can’t and how you can
  • Take A Quantum Leap in Your Business Results – specific quantum age principles show you the way to QuantumThink It
  • Political Gridlock—Let’s QuantumThink our way clear.
  • The Company Mind—yes, every business has one! How being “unaware” of it limits results, and how we can use the power of The Company Mind to step up effectiveness now.
  • Yes, Your Technology Has Surpassed You — how technology changes the way we need to think.
  • The Media and Your Mind—are they in sync?
  • Spirit and Soul—why people are afraid to mention these topics publicly.


  • “When you master your mind, you master your life” is Dianne Collins’ mantra. Instantly free yourself of thoughts that stop you, stress you out or just plain bum you out.
  • How is “new thinking” different than a new idea, and why we should care.
  • Ease your mind and lighten your heart—making sense of our changing times by seeing the big picture: Context is everything.
  • What’s “consciousness” got to do with it? The new buzz words: “quantum” and “consciousness”—the “great shift” “evolution” and a “time of unprecedented change” —what’s it all about and how do we deal with it?

The wisdom put forth in this unparalleled work arrives at a critical juncture at the start of the 21st century. Just as we are witnessing a revolution in technology, society itself is also undergoing a far more profound collective transformation. This transformation is nothing less than the evolution of consciousness itself, our own minds and awareness. …the book gives us a way there—a personal experience of a quantum leap in our thinking that is as exhilarating and rewarding as it is illuminating.”

—FROM THE BOOK FLAP OF Do You QuantumThink?

Dianne Collins is an original thinker and one of the foremost thought-leaders of our time. She consults with executives in the world’s leading corporations as well as enterprising entrepreneurs, celebrities, students and evolutionaries in the new system of thinking, QuantumThink. Her life is dedicated to people living spirited, joyful, and masterful lives through leaps in awareness and the expansion of their approach to reality. She is a master of translating ancient knowledge into modern “quantum” terms that provide a practical and transformative platform for the way we conduct our business and personal affairs.


Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World
by Dianne Collins


Select Books| $24.95 (Hardcover)| ISBN 978-1-59079-074-8
Available in Kindle, Nook, and iPad editions.


Publisher’s Weekly says:
“…for those looking for a spiritual message with a new twist, this is the book.”


Midwest Book Review states:
“A fine and fascinating look at the future of human thought.”

     The mission of Do You QuantumThink? is to help us take a quantum leap from the archaic industrial age thinking of our recent past, to apply as practical wisdom a new era of quantum age thinking that is holistically attuned to modern developments in quantum physics, technology, and spirituality.

QuantumThink® is a proven system of thinking that has been presented and used successfully for the past fifteen years by executives and leaders in Accenture, AT&T, Chase Bank, CNN, DuPont and McKinsey, by officials and managers in the United States government agencies including the Federal Executive Institute, the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, and the National Partnership for Reinventing Government under Vice President Al Gore; and by individuals of all walks of life around the world.

“Part science, part philosophy, part spirituality, Do You QuantumThink? draws on a wide spectrum of sources, from cutting edge innovations in the sciences to the insights of the world’s greatest spiritual leaders. This book will make you laugh, free you from limiting ideas, and introduce you to the most advanced principles and practical methods for living. Do You QuantumThink? will rock your world in the best of ways as you experience one revelation after another.” –FROM THE BACK COVER


Praise for Dianne Collins & Do You QuantumThink?

“We are all looking for a creative breakthrough of some type—whether it is at work or in our personal lives—and Dianne provides the key to that breakthrough. This book will make you smile and laugh. More importantly, it will help you strip away your preconditioned thinking and allow you to access your own power to create a truly worthy life that fulfills your unique purpose.”

—KEITH COWAN, President, Strategic Planning and Corporate Development, Sprint

“There are very few originals in life—Dianne Collins is one of them. If we expect our world to evolve in a positive way, we must adopt a powerful new way of thinking. Dianne’s distinctions on how to do this provide a blueprint for all to use that is both dynamic and user friendly. I knew QuantumThink would have a profound impact on my life and it continues to do so.”

—FRANKIE BOYER, Award-winning talk show host, The Frankie Boyer Show

“This is not your usual ponderous self-help book but a delightful fun read that opens a door to a life of living in the moment armed with the power to create the future. Dianne is able to define what is not definable, to allow us to tap into the universal mind, to re-define ourselves and the world around us in a way that empowers rather than defeats us.”

—ROY BLACK, Attorney and Network TV Legal Commentator

“In her own inimitable forthright, brilliant and charming way, Dianne Collins moves us all beyond our small worlds into a life filled with new possibilities. She allows the reader to go safely where they have never gone before.”

—GAIL EVANS, NYT bestselling author of Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman,
Retired Executive Vice President, CNN

“I strongly recommend you read Do You QuantumThink?, undertake its recreations, and see the world with new eyes. Both it and you will be far happier and successful as a result.”

—MORLEY WINOGRAD, Former Senior Policy Advisor to Vice President, Al Gore,
Co-author of Millennial Makeover: MySpace, YouTube and the Future of American Politics

Do You QuantumThink? Is beautifully designed and written for readability by everyone. Important ideas to be shared and pondered—and acted on.”

—ERVIN LASZLO, Founder and President, Club of Budapest international think tank,
Author of Science and the Akashic Field

“What is most striking about this intriguing new book is the author’s practical approach for transforming our ordinary thinking into wisdom, a goal of many of the world’s spiritual traditions. Dianne Collins’ concept of QuantumThink is at once contemporary and ancient, practical and philosophical. For most of us, our hearts and our minds conflict, but Collins skillfully interweaves the two.”

—NATHAN KATZ, Ph.D., Director of the Program in the Study of Spirituality and Professor of Religious Studies at Florida International University

“Dianne Collins has found the missing link in this wondrous world of thought and creation. This is the ‘how to’ book, the roadmap, to taking your outrageous dreams and turning them into living reality. Do You QuantumThink? Explains what’s been stopping us and then gives us the tools to achieve the life we want.”

—PHILIP CARROLL, Managing Director, Benchmark College-Sydney


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