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12 Responses to “Newsletter Confirmation”

  1. Gustavo A. De Jesus Sr Reply January 23, 2014 at 9:33 AM

    Mrs. Collins, thank you for your transcendent work: I believe that for the mind to truly be clear, effective, enlightened, and in synch with reality the soul has to lead it. we are spirits on a mental journey.

    The highest regards,

    Gustavo De Jesus

    • Thanks for your lovely comment, Jesus. Yes, soul is the “lead” in this wonderful life. I like to think of ourselves as fully integrated beings, what I refer to in Do You QuantumThink? as “Living Fully Dimensionally” with the awareness of how we engage in life through body, energy, mind, spirit, soul, the cosmic laws and principles that operate throughout, and of course the ultimate mystery, the awesome divinity that makes it all possible.

    • I just heard the bob Charles show _ and believe me I cannot wait to replay it at least a couple of times because it is interesting.

      thank you.

      keep up your end of it of TEACHING ALL OF US.

      Amelia / Israel.

  2. I heard a bit of you on C 2 C last night… and I am so grateful that you have given it a name… I can see how one can work closer w/ it…if given a ‘title’, a space too corral the new paradigm,thoughts & Energy’s…. once we rid ourselves of the old. (I would also urge never keep it corralled for very long.)… I have been, sometimes a 2-way …’filter’ ‘messages from ‘God’ ( or a Flounder), since 1955… Its was 58 before I could even bring it in ( down)….and that was only be recognizing it.. I always tests them out, I make them them prove their truth to me, and then I trust them 100 %…. I see them, and then bring them forth…The action is there, but not the ‘words’ to describe what I do… so thanks And Since, my inner self has a over sized vertical screen I ‘see’ in full visual, I am sure my thoughts are seen also…. recognition. When you cloned it ‘Quantum Thought’…. Prefect… maybe we went to the same Knight-school… Am hoping to hear last nights broadcast again…

    • Hello Janet, Thanks so much for sharing your experiences. It is wonderful that you are so attuned and can work with the energy-intelligent field. Yes, do listen to the entire show on Coast To Coast AM from January 23rd. I know you will enjoy more. All the very best! Dianne

  3. Dianne; A “force” rousted me from slumber to listen to George tonight. I’ll quote C S Lewis “We read to know we are not alone” and modify to “We listen to Coast to Coast AM to know we are not alone.” Listening to you was like hearing Brahms. Your lucidity in numerous levels of awareness is remarkable as you leave me to only pursue more resonance and not waste energy on the constructs imposed by the trained ego. Following your presentation allowed me to accept some of my own power in that I don’t recognize negative pure energy as good or bad. Just energy. I look forward to reading your book and newsletters. “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” Thanks

  4. Hello Dianne…For the first time I enjoyed your presentation on C2C… The practice of meditation clears the mind of all time-based, conventional thinking allowing for the exploration of fresh new perspectives such as yours. The result of my 20+ year practice has prepared me for your work…the shift…a new paradigm. Prior to hearing your thoughts, I came to the realization that most of what is taught in schools is the work of unenlightened/ego bound minds driven by strictly monetary rewards. I am looking forward to reading your book. Please continue this important work. We all need leaders in this new perspective. Blessings…

    • What a magnificent insight. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. Many blessings to you … Namaste. -Dianne

  5. Dear Dianne,

    I am so excited to have you as a special guest, on my show Heaven on Earth on 12radio this coming Monday June 2nd! I absolutely love your work and your book is filled with wisdom! I know we will have a wonderful chat on the show!! Thank you so much Dianne! I also look forward to reading your newsletter articles too! <3

    Angel Blessings,

    Anu Shi Asta

  6. Greetings,
    I am a great listener, and I became aware or what you would call quantum think and discovered that your book needs to be an audiobook for those who are great listeners like myself. Please let me know when and where to invest to transform and transfigure my life. Thank you in advance!