New World View – Old World View Distinctions


Your thinking is shaped by the world view in your awareness.



Old World View

New World View

Giant Clockwork Machine Giant Mind
Parts, Separate Whole, Holistic & Holographic Systems
Reducible, Analyzable Interconnected & Interrelated
Material Is Real, 5 Senses Multi-dimensional Reality
Matter is Source of Consciousness Consciousness is Source of Matter
Solid, Fixed Objects Energy In Flux, Intelligence
Predictable, Controllable, Deterministic Uncertain, Unpredictable, Probability
Force, Push-Pull Intent and Allowing
Mechanistic, Cause and Effect Nonlocal Mind, Synchronicity
Orderly, Linear Chaotic, Self-organizing, Beyond Time
Either/Or Both/And
Absolute Objective “External” Reality Observer-created, World is within Me
Reality is Circumstance – Outside of Me Reality is Context-dependent
Vacuum, Empty Space is Nothing “Empty” Space Is Powerful Energy
I am powerful when my mind is busy. I am powerful when my mind is clear.

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