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Dianne Collins is an original thinker and one of the foremost thought-leaders of our time. She is a master of translating ancient knowledge into “quantum” modern wisdom that provides a transformative platform for the way we conduct our business and personal affairs. Dianne is the creator and author of QuantumThink, a new system of thinking that has us leap from the outdated “old world view” limits of the Industrial Age to begin thinking from the more accurate and up-to-date “new world view” of our current Quantum Age. Along with her husband and business partner, she consults visionary leaders and executives in the world’s leading corporations including Accenture, AT&T, CNN and Dupont as well as presenting QuantumThink to entrepreneurs and students, homemakers and professionals, celebrities and evolutionaries worldwide.

Dianne Collins in her own words…
“I grew up in a small town on the New Jersey shore very near the big city of New York, so I got to experience a wide diversity of cultures from rural and suburban to the sophisticated Big Apple. I later moved to south Florida to study Philosophy at the University of Miami. I advanced through several years working in corporate management and later transitioned to the arts, becoming an award-winning photographic artist. All my life I wondered how we could have the world function in the harmonious, noble picture that all people seemed to aspire to yet was blatantly missing in politics, in corporate cultures, in the media, and within our own families.

“It occurred to me even as a teenager that it would take a literal quantum leap in consciousness, an awakening of the way we think and view the world and each other. This quest led me to create QuantumThink(R) — a new system of thinking, 21 distinct principles based in discoveries at the edge of science merged with universal ageless knowledge, and lived as modern, practical wisdom.

“My intent in writing the book, Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World was to write in an entertaining and engaging, personal from-me-to-you style so you enjoy reading it – while at the same time, you are awakening your own awareness and expanding your thinking, as you read. Part I Wake Up discusses the Situation humanity finds ourselves in today, and delves into the questions, what do we really want? and what is our means to creating it? Part II Live the Wisdom presents the QuantumThink principles I call ‘distinctions.’ So I am not saying, hey we really should think in a new way, people — I am saying, let’s take a good look … here is why we need to think in a new way — and guess what, here is how we can. Here is the system.

“The idea is that we can put it all together — see the big picture of how our habits of mind affect our outcomes and experience of life in real ways — and that we can easily and joyfully condition our thinking to be in sync with the way things actually work according to nature. The result is you not only learn ‘everything you ever wanted to know about science and spirituality and didn’t know to ask’ 🙂 — you will likely experience a new command and confidence in your own mastery in living, you’ll view what’s going in the world now in an optimistic and transformative light, and you will feel really good about all that. This is what readers tell me. I would love to read your own “reader review” on the site after you read the book, too. And may quantum leaps abound!”

A popular media guest and speaker, appearing on more than 100 radio and TV shows during the first year her book was released, Dianne Collins was the keynote at the International Enneagram Association, a featured guest speaker hosted by the University of Miami Alumni Association, and was invited to present in the prestigious lecture series of the Florida International University School of International and Public Affairs, Program in the Study of Spirituality, along with distinguished speakers including The Dalai Lama.

Dianne Collins is a graduate of the University of Miami in Philosophy and Psychology. She is a lifelong student of meditation and numerous leading edge modalities and models that make life better and more joyful. Her varied experiences as a Fortune 100 corporate manager, an award-winning photographic artist, video producer, and currently as a consultant to executives, celebrities and entrepreneurs all contribute to her gift of originality and ability to express complex universal subjects in clear and powerful ways that benefit people instantly. She provides a big picture view that makes sense of the changes all around us and makes it enjoyable to think effectively in sync with today’s world.

Dianne Collins lives with her life and business partner, Alan K. Collins on the beach in south Florida where they enjoy tennis and swimming, movies and meditation, family and friends.


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