Corporate Conversations

“Corporate Conversations”

A special consulting experience we offer to companies who purchase 500 or more books, providing a common basis for thinking through the principles and practices learned in Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World.

3 months, 2x month of complimentary teleconference dialogues 
These are interactive group dialogues via teleconference focused on creating solutions and innovations surrounding conversations that are typical of corporate cultures, led by Dianne Collins and Alan K. Collins.

Participants may introduce any topic, issue, or situation relevant to them, for which new thinking would bring about desired and unprecedented results.

“Let’s Get Everyone on the Same Page”

How do you get “everyone on the same page” when it comes to strategic initiatives, shared visions, and a cooperative, collaborative creative culture?

You introduce a common basis for thinking–QuantumThinking.

The Company Mind
Does your company QuantumThink? 

Just as we have individual minds, companies have minds, too.
Think of “mind” as a field of energy and intelligence, awareness and connection. This relational field, “the company mind,” is the source of all results. The company mind is a field of the predominant beliefs, ideas and assumptions that shape relationships and results.

What happens when your company begins to QuantumThink is that you become aware of “default” thinking and patterns that have been established from past-based decisions, including successes, that may no longer be useful or effective.

When everyone has this level of awareness it becomes easy and enjoyable to interrupt the old habits, and together, create new contexts for different results. In most instances, these quantum effects are instantaneous, and truly amazing.

“You have to see the limits of your own thinking
if you want to go beyond them.”

The book, Do You QuantumThink? provides a common basis for thinking,
a set of specific principles that generate, for example:
    • Thinking Holistically & Holographically – from and for the whole of the organization and/or the task at hand, aware of all the interconnections and working with them deliberately and consciously.
    • Thinking from Infinite Possiblity – beyond the automatic and formulaic methods and  approaches that have reached their limit of effectiveness.
    • Listening from a place of “not-knowing” – with the understanding that from a quantum perspective many results can and do derive from strategically placed intents with outcomes that cannot be seen or known at the outset.
    • Functioning Beyond Time – experiencing time as “slowing down” which brings with it enhanced focus and confidence in knowing the job is getting done regardless of existing circumstances and ordinary time parameters.
    • Seeing from the Perspective of All Perspectives – authentically aware of the value of each person’s perspective and unique talents, use everything to best advantage for everyone.
“When I began the QuantumThink 3-month coaching program I was in the middle of a very challenging transition period. Being a part of this process brought me a lifeboat filled with a community of dynamic leaders fully participating and learning with transparent integrity. As one of the tangible outcomes from the program I’m excited about the growth in my business and in the demonstrated leadership of team members.”    -Noni Kaufman, Health Professional
“EASY. That’s what happened to my work and my life as a result of QuantumThink coaching. More magic, less effort, quantum results.”    -Marian Head, Entrepreneur and Author
“I think it [QuantumThink consulting] has enormous potential for agencies where the leader has created a team that needs to take on the challenge of major change and is unsure of how to proceed, both with themselves and with the larger organization. There is no question in my mind that there are lots of opportunities out there right now that could benefit from this approach and thereby deliver better performance.”   -Morley Winograd, Former Senior Policy Advisor to USA Vice President, Al Gore and Director, National Partnership for Reinventing Government

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