What is the Answer?

In the spirit of humility–a campaign for QuantumThinking …

Open a book to any page and you receive a “special message” only for you in that moment*. This morning I opened one of my teachers’ books on virtues and the page was about humility. The irony is I was about to begin this blog that I named “The Answer.” Doesn’t sound too humble at the start to name your blog “The Answer,” so allow me to explain.

I am not saying that have “the answer”–I am saying that there is a “The Answer.” (That wasn’t a typo, I meant to say it that way.) The Answer to what? To the question I have posed to myself, “With six thousand years of wisdom available at the touch of a smartphone, how is it we are still not living it?” The Answer to why the same old problems of war, hunger, disease, distress continue with no end in sight. The Answer to whatever solution has eluded you personally and all of us collectively until now.

Blog posts are supposed to be brief, so I will get right to the point. What is “The Answer”? (Hum a few bars of Beethoven’s 5th for intro to this) … The Answer is Awakened Thinking.
What is Awakened Thinking?

Awakened Thinking is …
Thinking that is free of bias, prejudice, conditioned automatic ideas, notions, responses–be they beliefs, poltical “party lines,” scientific dogma, or intellectual outdated “knowledge.”

Awakened Thinking is …
thinking in sync with the way reality (nature) is rather than the way it isn’t,
consciously living compassionately, loving and kind, as “suggested” in all Universal Wisdom,
recognizing “mind” as the creative relationship dynamic,
knowledge of the natural faculties of mind and becoming adept with them,
realizing that command of these faculties of mind is essential for creating real solutions.

The purpose and Intent of this blog is to Awaken Thinking–together.
I’ll explain more in my next post. Until then, a post script on the “magic of opening a book to any page.”

Nonlocality and Intuition
* “A special message only for you in that moment” … Magic? Not really. This is a function of the quantum principle of “nonlocality.” The fact is we have what is known to leading edge scientists as a “nonlocal mind.” Our mind(s) are not “located” in physical space and chronological time the way we might think of ordinary objects. What does that mean exactly? We are all interconnected through an “invisible” field of intelligence and energy. Our minds are always “online” so to speak, so it becomes a question of what reality you “click” into in a given moment. When you have a conscious Intent to discover a “message” through opening a book seemingly randomly, or any other way of tuning in to universal intelligence, you will surely find what you are looking for. Nonlocality is the human access to Intuition.


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