Asking for What We Want – My Top Ten Wants for My Happy Birthday!

Dianne Collins

Asking for What We Want – it’s really okay … in fact, it’s a good thing.
                                                  Dianne Collins

                Today, September 21st is my Happy Birthday and I woke up thinking about this message. I know in email terms, in sound bite terms, in mind share terms, you are filing it away for “later” reading, even though it’s only 2 pages – read it anyway, just so we can be together a little bit .. because today’s my birthday!

In the course of my work I often speak about consciously attuning to Energy fields … and there is an entire chapter in my book devoted to becoming aware of energy fields of places, of situations, and yes, even of events. So this morning I was thinking about the Energetic of a birthday. Of course it is always the energy of happiness—the traditional way we speak about it is as a Happy Birthday, isn’t it. And what else about the energy of a happy birthday. It feels special. It makes you feel like You Are Special (in this case, me : ) That feels good. Shouldn’t each one of us feel like we’re special in some way … better still, to know it. I am getting a close-up look watching my nieces and nephews bringing up their young children—with their attentiveness and love and caring—making sure that each child knows how special they are. Just the fact that you are here on this Earth, that you are unique, that’s enough.

The other energetic surrounding happy birthdays is gifts—giving and receiving. How many of us are “reluctant receivers” (those of us who are could never make it on a football team, right?) In QuantumThink I call that reaction to receiving a gift a Least-action Pathway, the automatic way the thought or energy goes because it’s been that route before – “Oh no, you shouldn’t have.” A conditioned thought that you would not choose, if you were at conscious choice with it—would you? Anyway, it happened to me last evening when I met with a friend for a juice. She brought me a happy birthday present, and for a nano-moment I felt the reluctant “oh no you shouldn’t have” and quickly extinguished that thought. My friend was excited to give me her gift! Shouldn’t I be thrilled to receive it? Yes. And I was. This was a great moment we shared to delight in giving and receiving. That’s what we all do on this planet. We give and receive. We are born with gifts, and what makes us happy and fulfilled is giving those gifts to others, to society, to creatures we share the planet with. Giving and receiving. That’s the idea. That’s what fulfills us.

Which brings me to the message that I woke up with this morning. Isn’t it okay and even good to ask for what we want in life? Whether we are asking Infinite Intelligence to bring it about, or whether we are personally asking one another for what we want from each other. That has to be a good thing! I like to ask my husband, Alan, for what I want from him so he doesn’t have to guess. It makes it a lot easier for him. We all like to ask our “government” and political leaders for what we want, don’t we. Yet when we take this to a personal level, that human cultural Least-action Pathway, the “reluctant receiver,” can arise. Especially around asking for what we want in regard to our business.

We work with so many people and their businesses over the years. It’s amazing. In corporate life, people are reluctant to ask for how they want their job to be. In consultants and coaches, people are reluctant to ask for the money they feel their services are worth. In independent business owners, people are reluctant to ask for the attention (in market terms AKA “mind share”) to be able to present what they are passionate about offering.
Especially in this economic landscape, doesn’t it make sense to ask for what we really want? Particularly in this time of a great shift in consciousness and the desire for spiritual evolution, isn’t it germane to ask for what we want? And since universal Intelligence and Energy respond and correspond to what we ask for, isn’t it just plain old wise to ask for what we really want?

So I decided today to “get over it”—the reluctance that is—and ask for what I really want for my happy birthday. Yes, it involves my book, Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World. I wrote a book. I love my book. It has so many great effects on readers—from feeling peaceful to feeling powerful—of course what I want is quite simply more people (millions) buying, reading, and recommending my book. This is in addition to all the wonderful, wondrous things I want for the rest of the world, too … this goes without saying, yet I am here saying … since those other things on my TOP TEN list of what I want are the whole reason I wrote the book in the first place. Full circle …

Since I am asking you who are reading this, you who are my friends and colleagues and fellow QuantumThinkers, if you are feeling inclined to give me any of what I want, that would be awesome. And if you’re “not feeling it”—I feel grateful to you just for reading this and for thinking about it and for letting it in. Most of all, I wish you get everything you want most in your heart, soul, and mind on this day and every day. Remember to ask for it. I know that means you are giving and yes, receiving, with grace and graciousness.

With best wishes and love,    Dianne

1                   That everyone who hasn’t yet bought and read my book – buys it today – and especially, that you read it and enjoy it.

2                    That everyone who is already reading it buys it for or recommends it to someone else.

3                    That Barack Obama reads my book and calls me to discuss how we can use QuantumThinking in his current job.

4                    That Jon Stewart reads my book and invites me on his show to discuss it. (to spook it ? : )))

5                    That Lady Gaga reads my book, loves it, and tweets it out to all her followers.

6                    That Oprah reads my book and contracts with me to produce a TV series based on it.

7                    That Howard Schultz (CEO of Starbucks) returns my phone call.

8                    That peace, love, joy, and compassion is experienced in the hearts, souls, and minds of all beings – and that solace comes to all who need it.

9                    That my family is healthy, happy, and enjoying life.

10                That the quantum shift in consciousness brings the most sublime world imaginable.

11                That, as the beautiful chant goes, all people everywhere live happy and free.

         (Okay, it’s 11 things on my TOP TEN WANTS. Special birthday privileges.)

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