Article: “You Can’t Get ‘There’ from ‘Here’ – Why Change Doesn’t Work” by Dianne Collins


ARTICLE – You Can’t Get There From Here by Dianne Collins 2015

Enjoy this article that distinguishes how we can easily apply important quantum principles to business for establishing ourselves in the next level of achievement and realization of our new visions. Examples relevant for corporate business leaders as well as for entrepreneurs and solo business owners.  Click to open the PDF. ARTICLE – You Can’t Get There From Here by Dianne Collins 2015


One Response to “Article: “You Can’t Get ‘There’ from ‘Here’ – Why Change Doesn’t Work” by Dianne Collins”

  1. HiDianne,

    Thank you for raising awarenes to this wonderful world of infinite possibilities. by way of Quantum Jumping consciousness.

    As a retired professional in the spiritual developmental process, I purchased Burt Goldman’s Quantum Jumping DVDs with an intention that it would help me promote my relationship coaching business.

    I attempted to apply the ideas by listening to the DVDs, but found myself moving from one set of learning to the other: neurobiology, Energy Medicine including the part our frequency play in all areas of life. My life experience have taught me that we are good and perfect at core, despite our outward behavior. Initially, my post retirement mission was contributing to making this world a better place through couples coaching. I now realise that my mission is to contribute to World Peace. I feel that my big question of ‘how can I achieve this, when we are all in a different place in our development’ has given me the epifany of the answer; it is Quantum Thinking/Quantum Jumping. This is what has led me to your talk about Quantum Thinking. Listening to you have given me an experience of that ‘Aha moment’ where I suddenly understand (the meaning of Quantum Jumping), with a knowing of what I need to do. I have purchased your book and waiting with great anticipation to receive it!