Premier Book Signing Announced on Social Miami

Video of “Premier” Book Signing Event for Do You QuantumThink? February 16th 2011

“The Hottest Fashion-Forward is Thinking-Forward”

Take a look at this fun 3-minute video from Dianne Collins’ “premier” book signing event at the elegant Books & Books, Bal Harbour Shops, Florida. You might see some people you know : ) By the way, if you want a signed copy of the book, personalized to you, Dianne stops by their store every week to sign them. Even if she hasn’t met you, she writes a personal message to you by intuiting something about you. Books & Books ships worldwide. Call them at:

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6 Responses to “Premier Book Signing Announced on Social Miami”

  1. Excellent book. It must have taken you a year to write and edit. A work of love.

    • Thanks so much, Jerry. Actually the book took me 7 years : ) So yes, it has been a true work of love, for which I am grateful beyond words.

  2. Just bought this book a couple days ago and I cant put it down! I love this book. Thanks for sharing all this wonderful wisdom, and making it easy for all to understand. This book has given me hope and I am so excited about what is now possible! Great job on the book!! I cant wait to really start to QuantumThink! Also really excited to listen to these free group study seminars!
    Thank you!

    • Sue, that is just great to hear — that you are enjoying the book! Appreciate that very much. Just to let you know, as you read the book you “are” already QuantumThinking. And of course in Part 2 where the QT distinctions and “Recreations” are — your expansion in thinking takes another leap. All the best to you.

  3. This book is so nutritious! After each paragraph, or even sentence, I have to stop reading to digest it and think about how to apply it to myself. It is a rare book where the author’s personality, in this case witty and wise, is present on every page. I have already bought copies for my daughter and a kindred spirit, my ex-wife. Dianne, please consider the writing of this book seven years well-spent.

    • Keith, you are the first to call my book “nutritious” – I love that! (Trust that means it is also “delicious : )) You are reading Do You QuantumThink? in the best way – as the Intent is for each one of us to connect to our own awareness, as you read, so you integrate it naturally and live it in a way that works optimally for you. Glad you are enjoying our connection ( me, too!) and much gratitude for including your daughter and ex-wife. I really appreciate your taking the time to comment, Keith. If you have any questions as you read, I am happy to respond. All the best, Dianne