2013 – It IS A Very Good Year

2013 – It IS A Very Good Year

Remember the lyrics to the classic Frank Sinatra tune – “It was a very good year” where the great crooner reflects on all his years past?

Well, now consider this: we are “past” that – thinking about the past, I mean.  This is not to say that it isn’t pleasant to experience the nostalgia of treasured memories and romanticism of years gone by. It is to say that we have entered a time of going forward free of whatever has happened in the past.

Perhaps we are in the midst of “a great shift” that the Mayans and other indigenous, wise peoples and modern-day soothsayers and sages are calling forth. Whether or not you concur, if you are at all sensitive you can feel that we are indeed in a “new” era for humanity. Then why allow ourselves to be limited by anything that has ever occurred in the past, whether to ourselves personally or to our culture collectively?

Let’s pause for just a moment and contemplate: what does (my) life look like, going forward, free of however I have ever related to myself? A liberating perspective, don’t you agree? Being free of whatever has defined us in the past bursts open a huge possibility for improvisation. Each one of us can pose the question to ourselves, How do I want to relate to myself now? The happy new year is always a wonderful opportunity for stellar new starts.

 We want to wish everyone, one and all, 2013 – A Very Good Year!
In fact, we are stating this as our Intent.

When we distinguish the dynamic faculty of mind called “Intent” we know to speak it in the present or “omnipresent” tense, as if it is already happening that way. 2013 – It is a very good year. This is not because of “affirmation.” Neither is it because it is “true.” Nor is it because we “believe” it.

From a QuantumThink perspective, we state it this way because we are creating it as a context we are choosing to live from. “2013 – It is a very good year.” We state it that way because in a reality characterized by energy in flux, informed by intelligence, made conscious by awareness – context is everything. Reality is context-dependent. Whatever manifests as the unfolding of events and circumstances is consistent with the context we live from. We are either living from a context that is there “by default” – or we are living from a context that we consciously, with awareness, put in place.

2013 – It is a very good year! When we live from this chosen context we activate a resonance. We generate a resonant field of energy-intelligence that brings about experiences consistent with 2013 being “a very good year.”  I like to think of this as the physics of mind in action.

So we are excited to say, and with great enthusiasm and love: we wish you, One and All the best of everything in this year 2013 – It is a very, very good year, indeed.

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