A new system of thinking for mastering effectiveness in a changing world

“If you want to think in a new way, you have to challenge your own thinking, your own ideas, your own beliefs about the way things ‘are’.”     -Dianne Collins

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So grateful and happy to announce – Dianne Collins has received 6 book awards for Do You QuantumThink? The book is considered a must-read cutting-edge “classic” for our modern times. Thanks everyone!


Dianne Collins is a leading authority in new world view thinking and author of the award-winning book Do You QuantumThink? hailed as a must-read for anyone wanting to make sense of our changing times, to have what’s important to us work better than ever before by expanding our perspectives and approaches to the way we develop ourselves, our businesses, and our world.

“People always ask me –

What is QuantumThink?  I like to begin with the more pertinent question, Why should we QuantumThink? That answer is simple – when the world changes, we need to change, too. This happens through new thinking.”

New thinking is not just a clever or innovative idea.
It’s a whole new way to view your life and the world. We’re in a Quantum Age still using thinking shaped by the Industrial Age, so it’s no wonder we’re feeling limited by it. New thinking provides a different foundation, an expanded basis and framework for thinking in sync with more accurate and updated principles suited to modern times. Enjoy a 2-part video of Dianne Collins addressing the question:“What Is New Thinking?” on the Consulting page of this site.

QuantumThink is a solution-based perspective for new thinking presented in 21 principles at the edge of knowledge today—based in insights of quantum science and wisdom of spiritual traditions — applied successfully for mastering business results, relationships, global issues, and personal fulfillment.

Offering private and company consultingmedia commentary, a free virtual study group, fast-track to QuantumThink CDs, and a groundbreaking book
for executives and entrepreneurs, politicians and celebrities, students and homemakers, artists and evolutionaries;
for people everywhere who desire an edge in life for all the best reasons.
Special Note from Dianne …

“I am available for media appearances to discuss controversial issues applying QuantumThinking for new solutions and to expand the way we think.

“My business partner, Alan K. Collins and I specialize in working privately with forward-thinking senior level executives, entrepreneurs and public figures including celebrities and politicians – in Strategic QuantumThink Consulting applied holistically to their work, their lives, and their global reach.”



Sophisticated (in your yearnings)

Smart (of course you are)

Social (socially conscious)

Seeking (an edge for the best in life)

If this is you, you’re in the right place. Welcome!

Einstein’s edict, ‘the problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them,’ has become a modern-day mantra not just because it makes sense; it has never been more relevant.” -Page 11,  Do You QuantumThink?

The world is changing at a dizzying pace.
Whether you call it new thinking, a different “mindset” or an evolutionary leap in consciousness, the fact is it’s time to for all of us think in a new way.

“When something is truly new it cannot be described in familiar terms that are easily understood from your current perspective. However, people’s experiences are vividly, undeniably real.”   -Alan Collins


For Visionary Leaders with New Challenges

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It is our pleasure to welcome you and invite you to join me and my partner in business and life, Alan K. Collins with QuantumThinkers everywhere in thinking for a new world.

“I consider myself fortunate to have developed a highly effective as well as enjoyable way for us to create what we truly desire — through learning the dynamics of what actually enables us to create any result, be it the perennially yearned-for inner experience of tranquility, a tangible business result, or a relational result of quality communication and connection.” – Dianne Collins

THE “QUANTUM” DISCOVERY IS THAT MIND DOES MATTER. The science that gave rise to the Industrial Age saw the universe as machine. The more accurate science today views the universe as mind. When we learn how to use and master the natural creation faculties of our own mind, life becomes easier, more exciting and ever more fulfilling. This level of mastery in living and understanding opens the possibility of solving the pressing issues in our world today as we have never done before, as well as giving us a true sense of command in our business, professional and personal worlds. With this comes pure joy.